Showstopping Food & Drink

At Trafalgar Theatres, we believe the excitement should start before the house lights go down. That’s why we’ve developed a range of excellent food and drink options for customers to enjoy across all our venues.

Pre-Show Dining

From in-venue pre-show dining to a selection of popular sharing platters theatre-goers can savour a superb choice of freshly made food and drink before the performance begins; returning to their table at the interval for coffee and dessert.

Pre-Order Drinks and Snacks & At Seat Service

To make life easier our venues also offer a pre-order option for drinks and snacks; customers can place an order for drinks online or via our app to collect from a dedicated service point during their visit. In many venues we also offer an ‘at-seat’ delivery option where pre-show and interval refreshments can be delivered direct to the customer.

All Showstopping options are available for customers to buy when making a booking, or at any point in advance of their visit.

There’s only one place where the passion of the stage is reflected in the craft and attention to detail in every dish – Trafalgar Theatres – where our food and drink is truly Showstopping.