Corporate Social Responsibility

As a large organisation and a major employer, we take our responsibilities seriously, setting ourselves high standards for CSR. In addition to our Equality & Diversity, Access and Safeguarding policies we’re committed to ethical, sustainable business practices and to reducing our environmental impact; and to offering development opportunities, caring for our staff, our customers and other stakeholders.


Springboard Charity

We’re partnered with the Springboard Charity and their FutureChef initiative, encouraging young people to consider a career in the hospitality industry and developing their skills through education and learning, skills development and mentoring.

Apprenticeships, Work Experience & Educational Workshops

Our apprenticeship scheme has seen numerous young people join us in a variety of roles, many of whom have gone on to work full-time within the company. Alongside this, we create work experience opportunities across the business helping to kick-start the careers of some of the country’s brightest talent and we participate in educational workshops and showcases at partner schools and colleges.

Inspiring the Future of Theatre

Through UK Theatre we’re signed up to the Inspiring The Future programme which aims to showcase the range of careers available to young people in the industry. We make time for members of staff to attend careers events, workshops and other events in local schools.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

We’re committed to eliminating Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking within our supply chains and we promote equality, diversity and fairness through our business practices. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.


Sustainable Restaurant Association

We’re members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and signed up to their framework promoting locally sourced ingredients, high welfare meat and reducing energy and water use. We’re working to reduce meat used in our dishes and developing a range of meat-free menu options as well as children’s menus promoting healthy eating..

Red Tractor

We’re approved by Red Tractor – the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme – and we’re committed to their animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental standards across our business.


The fish we purchase is accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council and is MSC 1-2 certified. We only use fresh fish from sustainable stock in our dishes, helping to protect fish stocks and the seas..

Caffe Praego

Our partnership with Caffe Praego means that every coffee purchased in our venues helps to support the education of disabled children in Northern Rwanda.

Cup Recycling

Our venues use disposable cups that are 100% recyclable and we’re partnered with Born In The UK – a closed-loop recycling scheme for disposable coffee cups and glasses, resulting in zero waste.

Life Water

We sell Life Water across our business, helping to fund clean water projects across the globe through the partner charity Drop4Drop.

Environmental Impact

Recycling & Waste Reduction

All our venues and offices have local recycling initiatives in place aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever possible.

Energy Efficiency

We are committed to reducing our energy and water consumption across all operational areas of our venues. Initiatives include the replacement of inefficient high energy use lighting with long life LED units and the introduction of efficient building management systems.

Food Waste

We’re partnered with Re-Food – a food waste and recycling concept. By reducing plate, prep and stock waste we reduce our environmental impact. Food waste is collected from our venues and re-processed into bio-fuels, gas and fertilisers, resulting in zero waste.

Print & Other Supplies

Our primary print and signage suppliers have initiatives in place to ensure the use of FSC accredited papers, vegetable and aqueous-based inks and to promote recycling and reduction in energy consumption. More information



We’re partnered with Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and undertake regular fundraising. To date, we have raised in excess of £1.5m helping the hospital to build new facilities and transforming outcomes for thousands of sick children.

Data Security & Privacy

Protecting the privacy of our customers, employees and suppliers is vital to maintaining their trust. We fully understand how risks related to Data Security and Privacy affect our business and we take precautions to safeguard data through our Privacy and Data Protection policies which are regularly updated and available for customers and staff members to read.